Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Chemo Countdown

Last week Lila finished up her radiation. We really didn't notice any side effects during her treatment which was wonderful! She also got LOTS of attention as she was the only pediatric patient for most of the time she was at the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center. Every morning a pediatric anesthesiologist, an anesthesia nurse practitioner, and a pediatric nurse came across the street just for Lila. They were all so sweet and took great care of us along with the radiation team. Every morning I would carry Lila into the radiation room with the big machine, and the team had "Let It Go" playing on the cd player. This gesture got me teary-eyed more than once. It's very touching to see all these talented professionals care for your daughter and go above and beyond to make her comfortable and happy. 

Lila on Last Day of Radiation

The day after finishing radiation we had a follow-up with our surgeon. He thought everything looked great. He also showed me some very interesting/gross photos of the surgery. We took a group picture. Hopefully we'll see him again in a few months to take out Lila's port. We are so thankful for him.

The next day we went to clinic for chemo. We are now on a schedule for chemo every three weeks. She will have three more infusions and then scans. Our hope is that the scans will show "no evidence of disease" or (NED for those in the cancer world). In the meantime we are trying to enjoy our summer and have lots of fun!

I want to share a story to go with this last photo. Since her diagnosis, Lila HATES taking medicine by mouth. One big reason we had the NG tube for so long was so we could give her meds without her having them spit them out. Right now she only takes one medicine, Bactrim, and it's only given on the weekends. Every weekend we have a huge fight to get her to take it. I usually draw it up in the syringe and then chase her around the house--encouraging her to be a big girl, threatening her with going back to the hospital to get a nose tube again, and then finally she will take it with me giving it to her between sips of juice.  On Saturday, I had the dose drawn up and out on the counter. The girls were helping me with something in the kitchen, and I looked over and saw this:  

Callie was playing nurse and giving her patient medicine. Lila took the entire syringe with no fuss and no juice. I was in shock! On Sunday when it was medicine time I just gave Callie the syringe and she gave Lila her dose--no drama.