Friday, December 18, 2015

Doing Well

It's been awhile since we've updated the blog, so I thought I would share that all is well! Lila had a scan the week before Thanksgiving that was all clear! Next one will be in February.

We have been enjoying getting back into a "normal" routine with work and school. Lila started back to school on Tuesdays/Thursdays and she loves it! She has a wonderful teacher and lots of sweet little friends.

First Day of School Picture

Then she had her port removed! Not many surgeries are this happy. 

We also participated in the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood cancer in Nashville in September. We were so thankful for all our friends and family who joined us! It was a fantastic morning. 

We are so grateful to be where we are now, but our thoughts are with friends who are still battling this beast.  We are also mindful of the chance of relapse but try to not be too weighed down by it. We are definitely thankful for every day.