Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow day at Vandy

Lila had a fever last night so we ended up at the Vandy ER to be admitted for observation, which is standard for chemo patients. 

Waited a few hours there (and watched that SNL 40th Anniversary special) but now we are back on the 6th floor myelosuppression unit with our team of super-nurses and caretakers. 

They are treating her fever and trying to make her comfortable. 

So glad we got here before the snow. 

No fun pictures recently. But I understand that big sister is already awake and playing in the snow at her grandparents' house. 

Update: Lila is sleeping deeply right now. Rest is what she needs. 

Check out this now-bearded dragon from the play area outside. 

And this is the view from the floor above ours.  


  1. Thanks for continuing to share your journey. I've spread the word, and there are people in Panama praying for you guys.

  2. Tate prayed that Lila's tumor would get all the way gone and stay gone and the days would fly by last night. These journeys are filled with set backs and amazing victories as well. We are routing for you. Love, Sean, Alicia & Tate

  3. Praying for more deep sleep and peaceful days for you all!!

  4. So glad you all made it before the snow hit. Be safe and prayers for Lila as she fights that fever!