Thursday, February 19, 2015

Turning a Corner

At last, Lila seems to be recovering from this rough week. Today we saw her smile a couple of times and play with some toys, neither of which she has done since we were admitted on Sunday. She is still not talking or eating much due to mouth sores. Her pain was managed throughout the day, so we're really hoping she will sleep well tonight!

She got another dose of chemo this evening. That's #3.

We also met with Physical Therapy today about her walking. She doesn't want to walk and is impeded by the giant catheter hose and bag attached to her. She has spent most of the past week not moving at all because she has been in bed and too sick to move around. They are going to be monitoring her because one of her chemo meds can cause walking issues.

Lila's hair has started coming out. Of course it's just hair, but it's still a little sad. It's been coming out quickly and was making a big mess so we gave her a haircut last night. The back and sides are clipped really short but we left some long in the front. It won't last long. While Luke clipped, she played with her new doll, Barbie's friend Ella who has a bald head and wigs and scarves you can accessorize with. One of the Vandy Child Life specialists gave Ella to us along with some ribbon to save a lock of Lila's hair. We really love Child Life!

Here she is in the playroom today.


  1. "Baby Lila I hope you feel better today. ". Love Micah and Jack.

    Read the update to Micah and he wanted to leave her this message. Praying constantly for all of you.

  2. Thankful you have had a more peaceful day!! Praying for more days filled with His overwhelming peace!

  3. Sweet girl! So happy to see her playing. Praying for your precious little girl daily!