Thursday, April 2, 2015

CT Scan Results

Today was the big CT scan and I won't keep you in suspense ... the tumor has shrunk significantly. From 10.34cm down to approx. 5.5cm. Our science-minded fathers tell us that's an ≈80% drop in volume/mass since February. Not bad!

In fact, it's shrinking so quickly that we will likely postpone the resection surgery until it gets much smaller (or stops shrinking). Her kidneys are looking great and we have shifted her chemo plan into a less aggressive gear. Instead of giving her all three chemo drugs at once to blast-shrink the tumor, we are now spreading them out more evenly.

Here is a short video of Lila singing the ABCs while receiving chemo at Vandy today.

In sleep news: It ain't happening. Something's up with her ... something. Seems like a medicine reaction. She's got the jimmy legs. And occasional bad dreams. We've got a few things left to try but poor Sarah is taking the brunt of the sleeplessness, as nothing short of mommy's full attention will comfort the child. Your prayers in this area are greatly appreciated.

In food news: You guys are good at this. We love cooking but it's hard to get everything together these days. We appreciate your ongoing support and all the incredible meals you've been bringing. If it weren't for you, we would probably be eating cereal six nights a week (and pizza on the seventh).

In other support news: These maniacs dug up our bushes!!

I mean, sure, they were the same aggressive, ugly bushes we've been trying to kill since we moved in. But Sean and Ellisha Williams actually convinced these fools to show up with shovels, clippers, a pick-axe, and 4 other friends (not pictured) + 2 parents (also not pictured but it was John and Pam visiting from Searcy!) and dig them all up. They mulched. They trimmed some trees. Then Chad Anderson came and hauled everything away and swept the driveway clean. So great.

In church news: We almost made it to service last weekend. We were all dressed and driving toward the Cannery Ballroom when Lila made it clear to us that she really didn't feel good and could we please go home. We negotiated and ended up at Cracker Barrel instead, where Lila gorged herself on about 500 calories of mac-and-cheese (big win).

Here she is decoding this puzzle from the kids' menu. Too easy.

And finally in Easter news: EGGS! Our Ethos house church put together a huge egg hunt in a public park last weekend and both girls were feeling good enough to participate. We love to see them playing outside and just being kids.

I'm starting to understand what it means at the end of John: "Jesus also did many other things. If they were all written down, I suppose the whole world could not contain the books that would be written." There are so many cards and gifts coming in from so many quarters  not to mention food and supportive texts/emails  that we could never fully express our thanks to all of you. There are not enough pixels on this blog ...

Thank you all for everything. It really helps!


  1. So happy about the good news!!! Thanking God!

  2. Praise Jesus for the good news! Praying you all have a peaceful weekend!!